Who will take the Premier League title this year?

Just a few weeks remain until the Premier League season kicks off once again this August, and the league’s top managers are doing their best to make key last minute transfers to their teams.

The title is currently sitting in the hands of Manuel Pellegrini’s Manchester City, but their current changes could make or break their latest Premier League campaign. With three changes to their defence, it could be a case of fixing what isn’t broken for Manchester City, and with their Premier League rivals making important changes, they could struggle to defend the title.


Alexis Sánchez is the topic of the hour for Arsenal, who have been typically frugal in making transfers this year. While manager Arsene Wenger is renowned for not making transfers until the last minute, he did make one essential change to the team, signing the Chilean right winger for £35 million. Sanchez has shown incredible potential in this year’s World Cup and Spanish tournament La Liga, and his skills could put a halt to Arsenal’s fourth place reputation once and for all.


Jose Mourinho has not been so frugal, having pinched former Arsenal striker Cesc Fabregas for £30 million. The 27-year-old was enjoying a spell at Barcelona, but will now be moving to cooler climates along with Atlético Madrid’s Diego Costa, giving Chelsea average odds of 15/8 to take the title. Romelu has returned to do what he does best, but all eyes will be on La Liga boys to make this year Chelsea’s year.


In an effort to make sure they don’t finish in second place once again, Liverpool have made some vital transfers this season, including the signing of young blood Lazar Markovic and Emre Can. The Reds will surely have an interesting opening Premier League game as they take on Southampton, which has recently sold two of its former stars Rickie Lambert and Adam Lallana to Liverpool. Despite losing Suárez, a little fresh meat and a bigger incentive than ever to win the league could make this Liverpool’s year.

Manchester United

With the departure of long-suffering David Moyes comes Dutch manager Louis van Gaal, who has made no bones about big changes he’s going to be bringing to the team. It’s rumoured that up to ten players are on the chopping block for Manchester United, who finished in an embarrassing seventh place last year. The team already signed Ander Herrera and Luke Shaw prior to Moyes’ exit, but it’s the next few weeks that will really make or break Manchester United as van Gaal begins to crack the whip.


New Nike World Cup Advert – The Last Game

We are suckers for a Nike advert so it will be of little surprise for you to know that we really enjoyed Nike’s latest offering ahead of the World Cup – The Last Game.

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Southampton players abandon ship as FFP proves ineffective


It can happen to any club at any time. A good crop of players can be assembled under a young and promising coach when suddenly one of them ups and leaves for pastures new. Suddenly everyone begins to look at their own situation and ponder if life could be as good, if not better elsewhere. read more »

England Spain

Ancelotti and Pochettino seek stability amongst chaos


In the Champions League final, as Sergio Ramos leapt 10 yards from goal to equalise for Real Madrid, you could imagine the sigh of relief coach Carlo Ancelotti breathed. Such is the political size and nature of Real Madrid the press were even floating round the idea that it was win or bust for the Italian. read more »


History would suggest a South American Winner


The history of the World Cup suggests that the eventual winner of the 2014 tournament, staged in Brazil, will be won by a country from South America. It will be the seventh time the trophy will be competed for in that part of the world and in all of the previous six the winners have been from that continent (twice each for Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay). read more »


The 2014 World Cup

2014_World_Cup_ceremony_in_Johannesburg_2010-07-08_2It is unquestionably the biggest and most prestigious tournament in world football. The 32 nations, representing five continents, will all compete in three weeks time each hoping for World Cup glory. The fact that it is being held in Brazil only heightens the build up and anticipation of the tournament. read more »


Atletico is the story of the season


Atlético_de_Madrid_-_02The scenes in the Camp Nou on Saturday evening were something to behold. On the pitch the entire Atletico Madrid squad and backroom staff celebrated their first league Championship win for 18 years along with their travelling 447 fans up at the top tier of the stadium. Even some of the Barcelona fans, who had seen their faint title hoped dashed in the 1-1 draw, remained behind to congratulate this quite phenomenal achievement. read more »


Aguero’s fitness essential for further success


The final afternoon of the 2013/14 Premier League was surprisingly uneventful. Manchester City secured three points against a better than expected rally from West Ham whilst Liverpool’s victory over Newcastle secured them second place. Following a season of unpredictability it was a rather quiet end to the season and not the climactic one Sky Sports had hoped it would be.

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Will Connor Wickham go to Brazil?


Maybe on holiday; but not in the England squad.


Manchester United need to announce their new manager this week

The quality of the current Manchester United team is probably somewhere in the middle of the last two seasons.

2012/13 saw Sir Alex Ferguson mastermind a rip-roaring success. His Manchester United team collected more points from losing positions than any other Barclays Premier League team before them. They conceded goals early and allowed teams to come at them; but always threw enough at them to leave with three points. There were memorable comebacks like the one against Aston Villa. There were crazy opening periods like the 4-3 victory over Reading. There was the last gasp victory over Manchester City. The flaws in the team were evident but the goals of Robin van Persie, a gung-ho attitude and the aura of the manager were enough to paper over any cracks.

2013/14 didn’t go so well. David Moyes didn’t react with the same bullish attitude as his predecessor in the face of setbacks. He didn’t throw the kitchen sink at teams after an early goal went in. He waited for the system to pull them round and it couldn’t. There wasn’t the inspiration from the sidelines and there wasn’t a fully-fit Robin van Persie to pop up at the right moment to rescue points.

The quality of the squad is probably worthy of back-to-back top four finishes in the last two seasons but the difference in the managers, and their coaching teams, saw a dramatic swing either way.

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