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The Football Project is the world game with a world perspective.  Peering into the far corners of the game and travelling to the biggest destinations in the game…but that’s just the opening flight, and we would like you to join us on the next part of our journey.

Football is made up by you. 

Whether you’re the no.1 in the know when it comes to Romania’s top scorer, or can recite Wayne Rooney’s passing averages and shot on target ratio on cue, you’re welcome. Diversity is encouraged.

Our gloal range of authors are located all across the planet, bringing the very best (and worst) of the top leagues in Europe and beyond. We are always looking to expand our coverage and you help us achieve that.

But we don’t just explore the finer points of the very best…we also draw some wild cards and explore the crazier side of football. If you’ve got a story about your search for that star that never quite made it, or words on the transfer policy of your local club, we’d love to hear from you.

Enjoy football in general? Get in touch and we’ll make it work.

The Football Project is looking for the talent that can contribute regular articles or one-off guest pieces.  Whether you are starting out in journalism or are an old hand at this stuff, we’d love to have you on board. Specialise in a certain country? We love that. You can help expand the range of content.

What we publish is entirely up to you. If you don’t specialize in a league then show us what you got anyway. Everything and everyone can have a place at the Project.  If you want to stand out from the crowd and give us individual player profiles on the hot stars of Yugoslavia’s pro league, give us a buzz. We’d love that stuff.

We are always looking for new content, and this includes photos and videos from your travels through Planet Football. Send it all in to us and we’ll find it at home.

Where do I send it all? To delegate us your articles/photos/videos/proposals/books/ads head on over to the Contact page and fill it all out, or drop us a line at the email address

The flight to Planet Football is boarding now.