Monthly Archives: February 2014


Mind Games: Premier League preview

We appear to have arrived at the point in the season where certain managers decide that the best way to upset and distract their rivals is by doing a bit of trolling. Jose Mourinho displayed a lack of gracefulness a few days ago, and now Manuel Pellegrini has decided to rub David Moyes’ nose in a mess which, to be fair to Moyes, was left at Old Trafford (at least in part) by someone else.

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Valdes proves his worth to Barcelona yet again

Throughout history there have been sporting sides with members in it who are often an after thought or deemed to not be as important as others. The headlines following Barcelona’s Champions League tie with Manchester City largely centred around Andres Iniesta and Lionel Messi but there would be a good argument to suggest that their goalkeeper Victor Valdes was as, if not more, important in the Catalan’s win.

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