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New Nike World Cup Advert – The Last Game

We are suckers for a Nike advert so it will be of little surprise for you to know that we really enjoyed Nike’s latest offering ahead of the World Cup – The Last Game.

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My Favourite XI

My Favourite XI : Andy Hunter

In a homage to the series returning, I felt it was time to decide upon the players who have particularly caught my eye throughout my life. There are no real parameters for this selection; some have impressed on the pitch whilst others have impressed on Championship Manager during its many guises. As stated in the rules, this is not a ‘best ever’ side but merely my favourite players.

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My Favourite XI

My Favourite XI: Ryan Keaney

They often say that the best ideas are usually stolen. As we launch “My Favourite XI” on The Football Project, we want to be very clear that we got this off brains much smarter than ours. In February 2011, Gary Andrews and Chris Nee launched “My Favourite XI” on the excellent twofootedtackle.com and we’ve decided that it deserves resurrection.

The idea is simple. This is a chance to celebrate the players you have idolised as a kid and consider to be your modern-day heroes. It’s not a greatest ever 11, and as such we encourage the inclusion of player that others would reckon to be stealing a living as a footballer; Nicklas Bendtner is in the team below. There is also room for five subs.

There are just two rules that we ask you stick to. Firstly, they are your favourite players; not necessarily the finest ever line-up you can think of (though we assume there will be overlap). Secondly, you have to have been alive to see them play (only on TV is fine).

Starting us off, TFP’s Ryan Keaney leads you through his all-time line-up. You should spot a red theme running through the squad.

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Preview Spain

Primera División Preview: 2013/14

It’s just days away and you can almost taste it, the return of the best league in the World, no, not the English Premier league, no, not even the Bundesliga. It’s not the Italian; don’t be stupid, it’s of course the Spanish Primera División – La Liga.

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