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“What is the square root of James Milner?”

In short; the answer is Steven Gerrard although we are happy to acknowledge it’s a baffling question in itself. At Euro 2012, Milner wore number 16 for England and as such, his square root is team-mate and now England captain Steven Gerrard.

Every month or so, Gary and Andy have agreed to let Ryan loose on The Football Project with Shirt Number Maths; a mix of maths problems based on the squad numbers of player. They are likely to based in the top leagues of Europe as well as the Champions and Europa League; although with a number of international competitions around the corner we can’t guarantee it’ll stay that way.

It’s probably best to humour him on this.

For example:

What is Paul Scholes minus Chris Smalling?

[spoiler]Answer: Wayne Rooney


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